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New segment - The Business of Show Business with Victor Migalchan

We are very excited to have Director/Producer and actor Victor Migalchan as our newest contributor and co-host on livestream. Victor brings his decades of experience in the TV and Film industry and business to a weekly segment we call: The business of Show Business. for the next several weeks we will post parts of a video masterclass on the the business of Hollywood.


Episode #1: Intro/Goals

Today we'll be talking about different roles in filmmaking such as directing, producing, acting, but tips which actors could use any of the other filmmakers could use as well. If you're a director, you can use these tips as well, if you're a producer, if you're a line producer, if you're a voice over actor, no matter what kind of role you see yourself playing in this theater of the entertainment industry, you will practically succeed.

Now, it's only a matter of time, practice, belief in yourself, endurance, because this is basically a war which you have to go prepared for, and persistence, of course. It's just like in the art of Kung Fu, which actually is not a martial art. It's a skill which you develop with time and practice and then comes the real master level. So entertainment business, a business which so many people dream of, so many people dream of succeeding in.

And it's one of the most loved but I would say least studied businesses all around the world, not just here in Hollywood. The first question which you have to ask yourself is, “What's your goal?” If you have a defined goal, you can build a strategy, and then you can build timing, timing and time management - it's very important, right? It cannot be something vague, or it cannot be something uncertain. When I meet a lot of actors when they do workshops, I ask them: What is your goal? Would you like to be an actor, or you'd like to be a movie star? There's a big difference.

There are a lot of working actors, Hollywood is full of people who are trying to be actors who are actors who are building themselves as actors. And there are very few who became movie stars. Now, if your goal is to be an actor, sure, you have to develop a portfolio, you have to have high quality headshots, you have to develop your skill.

Victor Migalchan Director, Producer, Action Choreographer |



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