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Fame and money in Indie Film making

The predicament of making money through Indie films is the biggest concern to the Indie film makers. Tons of resources and information are obtainable on the Internet, yet such materials are inadequate to steer some profits.

The recent trend and surge in releasing Indie movies are also some of the obstacles that film makers face when making money through their films. Because of these limitations and tight budgets, indie film makers don’t get a fortune to spend on marketing, and hence must look at other marketing ways that are cost effective yet can help generate money.

Since film makers are already aware of the fact that their content will be up to a standard where viewers will be already wanting to watch it, the use of social media is the indie film maker’s best friend today. The social media today has more power and potency to attract viewers who are avid users of the social mediums. Not only it will be cost effective, but these social platforms are one the best ways where the short film makers can interact and engage with their fans whilst building promoting the movies. Film makers can effortlessly connect with their target audience if they learn the techniques and the correct use of these platforms to their use.

Platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc. are some of most efficient ways where film makers can market their films, gain traction and attract visibility. Since social mediums these days are global channels, the audience reach is phenomenally high, hence the content can be watched and shared all around the world.

According to a survey conducted by a royalty free music company, film makers have three very clear favorites: 86% shared content on YouTube, 74% shared content on Facebook, and 61% shared content on Instagram.

Some good ways to create your presence through the social mediums, are recognized as follows:

· Create social media pages and stay engaged with viewers

· Releasephotos, and keep content consistent

· Short clips, particularly on Instagram

· Sharing behind the scenes, stories are found to be all time favorite

· Share amongst friends and families to increase the number of views every time the film is watched, as it helps the algorithms of ranking your contents

Indie film makers can make the most out of their social media presence and promote their content not just by advertising but also by interacting and replying to comments and appreciation they receive. This will help buildand sustain a longevity of relationship between film makers and the viewers for your upcoming projects.

A short golden nugget, most large producers, owing to the pandemic are even jumping on social media, thus using some of the above tips will get your content visibility to these larger film makers for the purpose of cross posting and relationship building.

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