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Movie poster is the fan’s gateway to your film.

Your movie poster thumbnail is your fan’s gateway to your movie. That makes your movie poster pretty fucking important! #IndieFilmmaker #Filmmaker & #FemaleFilmmaker I’m begging you! Please prioritize your movie poster!

In the world of social media, your fan may catch a couple of seconds of your trailer. But they will most likely see the thumbnail poster that you have created for your movie. The movie poster thumbnail is the fan’s gateway to the movie. In my opinion, a high-quality thumbnail movie poster for social media is absolutely imperative!

You’re a filmmaker. Make sure that you choose a picture that makes a powerful statement. The picture needs to shake the fan from their apathy. The fan is sitting around doing nothing. The movie poster needs to create a desire to see your movie. Don’t give the responsibility of coming up with a movie poster to anybody else. The movie poster is the single most important shot you took in the entire film. Would you give that shot up to somebody else? I could lie and tell you that the movie poster is not important. But, I’d just be lying to you.

If your movie poster has award-winning laurels from a film festival, it tells the fan that somebody thought your film was entertaining, in competition with other entertaining movies. The laurel from a film festival is essential, I believe. Thus, a film festival mention or victory is essential.

That’s how I know a general. He’s the person with all the medals. That’s how I know a good indie movie. It’s the indie movie poster with all of the laurels. The laurels give your film “legitimacy” in the subconscious mind of the indie film fan. If there is no laurel on the movie poster, it subconsciously says “nobody liked the movie.” I really hate saying this but the laurels provide a stamp of legitimacy to your film. You need to be mentioned or win at a festival and get a laurel(s) for your movie poster. It is as scientific as that from the marketing perspective.

Sal Framondi

Film Festival Live CEO/Founder

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