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It's your job to get your film into distribution!

Will film festivals help you get your film into distribution? (Part #1 of 2)

How do I get my topics to discuss in my blogs? I go to Reddit and enter the topic-in this case “film festivals” in the search engine. This is a great question that was posted by a filmmaker:

“My feature documentary recently received notification of acceptance to a festival that will be held online. I am torn between accepting to get the ball rolling vs holding out for an in-person premiere later this year.” There is the old saying “a bird in hand is worth two in the bush” but I am wondering what other filmmakers’ experience has been with online festivals. Did they help your film take a step forward towards distribution or fizzle out?”

There are a lot of questions packed into this post, so let me unpack them.

1. Can online film festivals help you get into distribution?

2. Are online film festivals valuable?

3. Is an online film festival better than an in-person film festival?

Does an online film festival help you get into distribution?

Is it the responsibility of your college to guarantee you a job? Some people say yes, but that’s not the real world. It is your responsibility to get your film into distribution! Winning at a film festival gives your film credibility. It says somebody that fancy’s themselves as an indie film fan enjoyed your film. As someone that accepts and rejects movies from streaming on my platform, that’s important to me. You need to be responsible to get your film into the distribution platform that works for you. It’s not the film festival’s responsibility.

If your film is getting picked up by Netflix, I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about the “unknown artist.” If you are the filmmaker that is grinding away, trying to make a great film on a shoestring budget, this post is for you!

Sal Framondi

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