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In 2021, Instagram is the best place to meet 99% of the filmmakers and 85% of the film festivals.  Fortunately for the filmmaker and film festival, concurrently Instagram paid ads are underpriced.  Small and modest marketing budgets ($100 per month), used correctly, can impact your business.  


We are masters of Instagram social media paid marketing.  We have developed a simple methodology that any filmmaker, production company, film festival, or online business can execute and transform their business.  I would like to invite you to Email us via the link below.  We will send you a FREE copy for yourself.  We call it "Instagram for Dummies."  


This methodology shows that small changes can be meaningful.  The time is now to take advantage of Instagram paid ads.  If you want to meet film festival professionals, I would also start checking out LinkedIn.  I tried Linkedin paid ads and was not satisfied at all.  I got amazing results from Instagram paid ads.  I highly recommend it!  


I’m not paid by Instagram.  They are not giving me anything to give you this advice.  For this moment in time, they are in a very good position.  Hopefully, they won't screw it up.   For the filmmaker & film festival,  I recommend Instagram paid ads to grow your page. 

Please click the link for a White Paper that discusses the foundations of Filmmaker social media marketing. 

Sal Framondi


FREE copy "Instagram For Dummies."

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