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I was a filmmaker.  I had a production company.  It failed.  I reflected on the failure for 1 year.  It was during this time, I designed


Our award-winning film festival streaming movie platform focuses primarily on the social media marketing of our films, filmmakers, and film festivals.  Why do I tell you that?  We were not marketing enough and smart enough.  That is why we failed as a production company.  Marketing work must be done, and if you can’t afford to pay someone, you must do it yourself. 


We are masters of Instagram social media paid marketing.  We have developed a simple methodology that any filmmaker & production company can execute and transform their business.  I would like to invite you to Email us via the link below.  We will send you a FREE copy for yourself.  We call it "Instagram for Dummies."  

We offer free crash courses and paid courses on the mechanics of filmmaker and film marketing.  If you are a filmmaker, then we can teach you how to successfully market your film, production company and brand on a professional level.  For information & rates, please email

Sal Framondi


FREE copy "Instagram For Dummies."

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