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Film Distribution


Filmmaker, I recommend you follow this simple rule.  Get your film on as many platforms as possible until someone is willing to pay you for exclusivity (the rights) to stream your film(s) on their platform (like Netflix, Hulu, etc).


If you are in the process of looking for features and benefits between platforms, look at what they do on social media.  Social Media is essential for the indie filmmaker.  We are masters of Instagram social media paid marketing.  We have developed a simple methodology that any filmmaker, production company, film festival or online business can execute and transform their business.  I would like to invite you to Email us via the link below.  We will send you a FREE copy for yourself.  We call it "Instagram for Dummies."

Social media marketing on Instagram for the filmmaker is the essential place to be. The filmmaker with more followers is always better poised for a successful film debut. 

Please check us out!

Sal Framondi


We Honor the Independent Filmmaker

Our Values: We believe that there are stories that must be told. We believe that people with creativity, passion, and the ability to overcome adversity must use their gift of storytelling to change the world. We honor the Independent Filmmaker.

We are the home of award-winning film festival movies that you can’t find on Netflix or Hulu. Every film, series, and episode we stream is original.

Enjoy commercial free and with no interruptions.

FREE copy "Instagram For Dummies."

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