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Film Festival Live Streaming

Our flagship program is Film Festival Live streaming on this website with our host, Will Roberts. 

We interview all of the great independent film festivals worldwide. Our mission is to help indie filmmakers understand the world of film festivals, movie marketing, and film distribution. 

We stream 2 back-to-back shows on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 10:00 AM & 10:30 AM Pacific.

You can find us streaming on: 

YouTube: @FilmFestivalLive

You can also find us on: 

Instagram: @FilmFestivalLive

Instagram: @OPPRIMEtv

Our Facebook Group is about connecting the actor with the right filmmaker, and the right project.  This group is a place where casting directors and filmmakers can share information about the current casting in the entertainment world.  Actors please check the wall frequently for casting opportunities!

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