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There are so many festivals and it is almost impossible to know that which ones of them are really the best or the most accurate to distribute your film. Many of them are very costly or they do it for you with taking large amounts. Andromeda Film Festival, which is open to everyone from all over the world, is the only festival that can offer you an honest and equal competition in the festival and will make your PR without an expectation. The most important factor that distinguishes us from other festivals in our 3-season adventure is, accepting all the films which are standard about cinematography and directing to the Official Selection. Second one is distributing your films to different festivals, receiving waiver code for you. Our third biggest difference is that our entrance fee is suitable for every segment and we host all filmmakers on this platform. After we receive the movies, we do not separate our paths with the filmmakers like other festivals, on the contrary, we stay in touch with them, protect their work and support them. The experienced team that we have gathered to offer you these opportunities provides you a film and festival network. Withal, thanks to this feature, which is among the privileges of our festival, there is also the promotion of your film on the film platforms with which we are connected, to maximize you.”

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Andromeda Film Festival

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