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Instagram: @OPPRIMEtv (8K followers)

Instagram: @FilmFestivalLive (38K followers)

Facebook: @OPPRIMEtv (6K followers)

Youtube: @FilmFestivalLive (10K followers)

Twitter: @OPPRIMEtv (21K followers)

Twitter: @FilmFestivalLive (30K followers)

Linkedin: @OPPRIMEtv (5K followers)

Linkedin: @WillRobertsOfficial (5K followers)





We have developed a repeatable way to get more filmmakers to follow you on social media.  Your marketing will appear on all of these pages according to pre-set schedule.  This means more filmmakers & submissions for your festival!

The Road-Map:


Here is how to engage more filmmakers on social media. 


  1. THE FIVE CAMPAIGNS: We develop 3-marketing campaigns to run concurrently throughout the 6-months, promoting the following: (1) your movies, (2) your filmmakers, and (3) your film festival brand.  We develop two additional campaigns that are synchronized with the timing of the festival: (4) “Week-Before” Campaign & (5) “Festival Day” Campaign. 

  2. THE STRATEGY: It’s called “Instagram for Dummies.”  This is our philosophy on how your business should use Instagram.  It is the fastest & most cost-effective way to grow your Instagram—by using the promote function on the IG App.  We have created a class to teach you how to use it.   We will teach you step-by-step.




We have created a schedule that lays out the festival activity for a generic month with a 31-day rotation.  We have created a festival week & day campaigns.  For a monthly festival, the Festival Week Campaign schedule would be an activity repeated monthly. (Email if you are interested in accessing the Excel sheet called: “FF Marketing Excel”).  


1. The Movies Campaign—We develop maketing to promote each nominated/winning film in all categories while promoting your brand. 


2. The Filmmaker Campaign—We develop marketing to promote each nominated/winning/mentioned filmmaker in all categories.   


3. The Film Festival Campaign—We develop content to focus on showcasing your film festival, the values that you promote in your physical community, as well as the online indie film community.  Here we produce your film festival streaming interviews, and marketing to your collection of ads.* 




4. Week-Before Campaign—We develop content to communicate specific information film festival viewers need to have to view or attend the festival.


5. Festival Day Campaign—We develop marketing to communicate specific messaging that film festival viewers need to have on the day(s) of the festival. 




First we lay out our marketing philosophy, which is, (1) use Instagram effectively, & (2) use streaming videos effectively. 


  1. 1. Using Instagram Effectively—It’s called “Instagram for Dummies.”  It is the fastest & most cost-effective way to grow your Instagram—by using the promote function on the IG App.  Instagram for Dummies teaches you how to judge a post based on the analytics; by telling you what data is important to your page’s organic growth.  Most importantly, we teach you our methodology, how to produce effective social media marketing on a consistent & repeatable basis.  We will show you the basic step-by-step process that it takes to grow your Instagram page with followers who are filmmakers. (Email if you are interested in accessing the Google slideshow called: “Instagram for Dummies”).  We show you the analytics that prove—small marketing Ad buys are more effective than bigger Ad buys on the Instagram App.   

    • 40-Minute check-in (Skype or Phone) every 2-weeks to review the numbers/analytics and to monitor progress, or make strategic marketing adjustments based on the data. 

  2. Using Streaming Videos Effectively—Festivals need to be sharing things online all the time to keep up the momentum and get people excited and enthusiastic about it.  Use a streaming interview to show off the values that you promote in your physical community, as well as your online indie film community. Live streaming a proprietary film festival show that we create for you amplifies your message while allowing long-distance audience members to communicate with your festival, and get that rush of instant gratification that gives them positive associations with your film festival. 

    • 30-Minute Interview with Your Festival on @FilmFestivalLive—Will Roberts, Host of @FilmFestivalLive will interview you for 30 minutes and stream it across our social media.  From this interview, we will create a 30-Minute episode for YouTube.  We will also create a 3-minute Commercial for promotions.

    • 30-Minute Interview with Your Awarded Filmmakers—Will Roberts can host or you can interview your winning filmmakers.  We will break the 30-minute show into 3 interviews and 10-minute blocks of time.  This programming will stream across our social media & post on YouTube.  We will create a 3-minute Commercial of your interview for marketing.


About Page Locations: is a video-on-demand platform streaming award-winning film festival movies.  @OPPRIMEtv has 10 years of experience speaking to indie filmmakers.  For $2.50 subscribers can access a library of over 500 indie films, and have channels dedicated to film festivals.  


@FilmFestivalLive is a media & content company. is the hub for current information about all the great independent film festivals.  Will Roberts @WillRobertsOfficial host of Film Festival Live streaming, talks to all of the top film festival directors.  We stream live Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 10:00 – 11:00 AM Pacific on YouTube @FilmFestivalLive.


For 9-years, the Facebook Group is a place where UK filmmakers post auditions & UK actors find acting jobs.  This group has 17.3K active UK filmmakers & actors.


EMAIL: and request PDF version of this page, access to the Google Slideshow “Instagram for Dummies,” and the Excel sheet “MARKETING for FILM FESTIVALS.”

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