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No matter what you do in the film and TV industry this page has it all. From coaches to products, keep this one bookmarked. 

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MEMORY TRAINING SEMINAR: "LINE? The Creative Way for Actors to Quickly Memorize Monologues and Dialogues"

In this 90-minute, 1-on-1 memory training seminar, actors will learn the image- and sensory-based approach to line memorization that is explored in Jared's book "LINE?' which hit #1 on in the acting/auditioning category. Actors will first learn how and why our brain remembers and forgets and then apply the creative and imaginative memory technique to a short monologue and a short dialogue. 

Cost: $150 USD
Training delivered over Zoom
Actors will also receive a free PDF copy of the book 'LINE?'

Contact Jared at


REACT: "Learn How Actors Use NLP To Cry On Demand" 

REACT stands for Rapid Emotion Activation Craft Training and teaches actors how to use NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) to instantly activate a desired emotion. In this 90-minute 1-on-1 NLP training seminar, actors will be guided through three explorations to help you set emotional anchors that when triggered, will instantly result in a shift in your emotional state to Joy, Anger and Sadness. Actors can use this emotional trigger technique off-stage or off-camera as an emotional preparation tool, but it is so subtle that you can also use it while on-stage or while the camera is rolling. Simply set the emotional anchor and then when you need a specific emotion, just push the button and the desired emotional state will instantly be brought forth.

Cost: $150 USD
Training delivered over Zoom
Actors also receive a free copy of the REACT training video

Contact Jared at

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In this 90-minute 1-on-1 training seminar, actors will learn a sensory & imagination based "augmented-reality" acting craft technique that effortlessly & automatically stimulates an internal visceral response within them that can be quickly used to fulfill emotions, characters, points of view and relationships. The Overlays technique helps the actor translate their intellectual decisions into an active and actionable real-time experience. Actors will learn the Overlays 5-step process:

1. Script Analysis to gain understanding about the script so you can make decisions about the Objectives and Responsibilities.
2. Choose an Overlay (person, place, thing, event, etc) that is the Sensory/Imagination “Living Embodiment” of the Objective or Responsibility.
3. Activate the Overlay through your senses and imagination, permitting the Overlay to exist, enhance, and augment the realities in front of you.
4. Allow the Overlay to affect you so it viscerally triggers and impels your emotional, behavioral and intellectual responses.
5. Include your affected response into the work, allowing both the other person, the circumstances and the active overlay to create a new multi-layered reality.

Cost: $150 USD
Training delivered over Zoom

Contact Jared at

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Jared Kelner is an actor, acting teacher, acting coach, award nominated playwright, producer and director. He has appeared professionally on stage, film, tv and radio. Jared is creator of The Actor's Approach Craft Technique Toolbox ( and a co-creator/co-host of the bi-weekly Podcast Two Guys Talking Craft". Follow Jared on Instagram at @actorsapproachcrafttoolbox or at

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